IQS understands that the responsibilities of industry leaders include effectively leveraging rapid change and creating an aggressive strategy for corporate success that aligns with quality management objectives. A recent research study developed by LNS Research, "Quality 4.0: Get Educated, Get Involved, and Build a Successful Strategy," elucidates exactly how corporate leaders can utilize a powerful knowledge base to construct an informed direction in the marketplace. Digital transformation in terms of quality is more than surviving in the modern market; it is about placing your business on the path to dominance.

"Quality 4.0 blends new technologies such as advanced analytics and digital connectivity with traditional quality methods to arrive at new optimums in operational excellence, performance, and innovation. Although these technologies are what enable Quality 4.0, Quality 4.0 is important because these technologies help manufacturers attain new levels of performance, innovate, and solve long-standing people and process quality challenges such as evidence-based decision-making, collaboration, design transfer, and culture, among others."

Topics include:

  • Building a Quality 4.0 Strategy: Building Blocks
    • Strategic Objectives: The Missing Link
    • Quality 4.0 Operational Excellence
  • Quality 4.0 Use Cases
    • Manufacturing Quality 4.0
    • Supplier Quality Management 4.0
    • Customer Complaints 4.0
    • Compliance 4.0
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